As a principal lender we have been lending for coming up to 20 years. We truly value relationships and strive to provide great personal customer service to all our clients and introducers a like. Here is a sample of the testimonials we have received:

“There is a clear desire to fund residential developments from Bishopsgate, and their willingness to consider proposals on a case by case basis throughout the UK makes them very unique.”

HCF Commercial finance

“We have always found them to be extremely professional, having a detailed knowledge of the development process and additionally, they are prepared to support developments in areas where other lenders will not.”

B2B Mortgages

“They are readily available to discuss suitable propositions, and in my experience when they initially say they will support, they come through.”

Arnold Commercial Finance Ltd

“Bishopsgate have flexible underwriting with a common sense approach to lending, the support team are extremely knowledgeable and deal with a level of professionalism not seen from other providers.”

Atlantic coast Associates

“They bring a level of flexible underwriting that this business is crying out for and we look forward to completing on more projects with them.”

PF & D Ltd

“From the moment you discuss a proposal with their team, you feel confident of their understanding of the case, and their ability to provide funding at competitive pricing. They always approach a case with a “can do” attitude, which is refreshing in the current financial climate.”

Phillips Commercial Ltd

“We are entirely happy handing our clients across to Bishopsgate to discuss matters directly, in the knowledge that our clients will be treated professionally and fairly.”

Watts Commercial Finance Ltd