As a principal lender we have been lending for coming up to 20 years. We truly value relationships and strive to provide great personal customer service to all our clients and introducers a like. Here is a sample of the testimonials we have received:

“There is a clear desire to fund residential developments from Bishopsgate, and their willingness to consider proposals on a case by case basis throughout the UK makes them very unique.”

HCF Commercial finance

“We have always found them to be extremely professional, having a detailed knowledge of the development process and additionally, they are prepared to support developments in areas where other lenders will not.”

B2B Mortgages

“They are readily available to discuss suitable propositions, and in my experience when they initially say they will support, they come through.”

Arnold Commercial Finance Ltd

“Bishopsgate have flexible underwriting with a common sense approach to lending, the support team are extremely knowledgeable and deal with a level of professionalism not seen from other providers.”

Atlantic coast Associates

“They bring a level of flexible underwriting that this business is crying out for and we look forward to completing on more projects with them.”

PF & D Ltd

“From the moment you discuss a proposal with their team, you feel confident of their understanding of the case, and their ability to provide funding at competitive pricing. They always approach a case with a “can do” attitude, which is refreshing in the current financial climate.”

Phillips Commercial Ltd

“We are entirely happy handing our clients across to Bishopsgate to discuss matters directly, in the knowledge that our clients will be treated professionally and fairly.”

Watts Commercial Finance Ltd

Industrial Units in Lancashire. We were approached by a mortgage broker to provide funding to complete a part constructed block of 3 industrial units in North Lancashire. The Foundations and steel frame had been completed and the site then left dormant for 6 months, as the builders had run out of personal funds and been unable to obtain funding from their bank due to the speculative nature of the scheme. We provided funding in stage payments to complete the scheme, secured by a first charge over the property. Upon completion the builders were able to refinance onto a long term mortgage.

Empty Shop in Scarborough. A firm of estate agents approached us for funding to purchase and renovate a 3 storey shop premises in Scarborough. They were to refurbish the shop premises, and convert the upper 2 floors to 2 flats, subject to planning. The security was a first charge over the building. Planning was duly granted and the conversion financed.

Plot for 2 semi detached houses in Somerset. A mortgage broker introduced his client who was seeking fund to construct a pair of large semi detached houses on a building plot he had bought over 1 year ago. He had been unable to obtain finance from his Bank, since they were no longer lending to builders. We lent 100% of the construction costs in stage payments secured by a first charge over the building plot.

Part Constructed House in Yorkshire. We were asked to provide funding to finish construction of a large detached house in a half acre plot which had reached first floor level. Works had then stopped for 12 months as the owner had run out of money and been unable to get funding, since many lenders will not finance developments part way through. We provided 100% of the funds needed to finish the project, secured by a first charge over the property and at completion, the property was sold by the owner.

Empty Pub with planning to convert to 5 flats in Manchester. We receive a request from a builder who owned an ex pub premises with planning to convert to 5 flats. He was seeking finance to repay an existing loan used to buy the property and 100% of the build costs required to convert the property to 5 flats. We provided the requested finance secured by a first charge on the property. When completed, the flats will be refinanced onto buy to let mortgages and the properties let out.

Plot with planning for 2 houses in Cornwall. A newly formed building Company approached us for the funding to build 2 new houses on a plot they had bought recently. We provided 100% of the build costs in stage payments as works progressed on site. The properties were sold when they were completed to repay the finance.

Rural Milking Parlour in South Wales. We were asked to provide funding to convert a redundant milking parlour into a holiday cottage. Most lenders will not finance these types of deals because the occupancy of the end property is restricted to short term holiday lets only. However we were able to provide 100% of the build costs to complete the conversion after which the borrower re-mortgaged the property onto a long term mortgage.

Extending an inherited property. A mortgage broker asked us to provide funding for a builder who had inherited a half share of a bungalow in south Wales. He wanted to buy out the other part owner and obtain 100% of the funding needed to extend and refurbish the property. We provided the required funding and at completion of the build the property was put up for sale by the borrower.

2 new build bungalows in Norfolk. We were asked to provide 100% of the build costs to construct 2 detached bungalows on the garden land of an existing house. The owners of the house had obtained planning consent to build the bungalows and we provided their finance in stage payments to complete the build. The properties were then re-mortgaged on to buy to let mortgages.